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Mental Health Video Campaign - Automotive

The results

The campaign was focused around a series of short films, depicting the battles that three JLR employees had gone through. The real stories from colleagues and peers was to better engage the audience. Prior to the launch of the campaign, our team took the time to get to know the individuals taking part in the films. We wanted to understand the emotion of their individual stories. It was vital to build trust and understanding with the central figures.

We also researched their individual health conditions so we could convey the story in the most effective way.

As mental health does not only occur in the workplace, we completed research of local support groups and charities in all JLR office and site locations across the UK. This is clearly communicated and easily accessible on the internal site.

The films were an integral part of the campaign’s success, and the campaign would only be successful if engaged by all. ‘Let’s have the conversation’ and the films at its heart launched aptly on the 10th October 2017 – World Mental Health Day. A film was distributed to all employees as an encouragement to go and watch the movies in their entirety.

The “Let’s have the conversation” initiative and campaign was created to encourage employees to realise that talking to someone is often the first step to get the right help. There were several elements to the ongoing internal campaign.

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