Our B Corp Story

Our journey to being a purpose-driven, global agency started over 17 years ago. Group CEO, Dale Parmenter, realised that a lot of the principals adopted by DRPG were those of a sustainable business that put the three Ps, People, Planet and Profit at the forefront of the business agenda, Having met Sam Wilson at an event and chatting extensively about the need for having purpose-driven company values, DRPG’s official Sustainability journey was born. 

Sam Wilson, Director of Syntiro Consultants, has been our sustainability consultant for over 17 years as of 2024, and together, we have seen many accreditations come, and some go! The work we’ve done as a business has always been supported by the triple bottom and we’ve always relied on robust systems of tracking and accreditations like our ISO standards to ensure the work we’re doing is monitored, and we stay ahead of the game.  

As well as external systems for monitoring, we also have our Sustainability Management System (SMS) based on the 'plan, do, check, act' (PDCA) model. ​ The SMS helps DRPG align with the International Standards framework and integrate other ambitions such as B Corp, engagement with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and GRI Standards. 

DRPG Sustainability Accreditation banner


Take a look at the standards we hold

BSI Standards

This was the very first accreditation in the UK for sustainability and we were the first agency to gain it. Whilst the system was a little clunky, it was the beginning of tracking outputs for us as a business.  


BSI Standard Logo


ISO Standards 20121

Born out of BS2908 and the 2012 London Olympics, this new international standard set the benchmarks for a more practical global standard. We were the first agency to receive the standard and we worked directly with the accreditation body to improve the system, reduce bureaucracy and create a user-friendly system for tracking. We continue to be at the forefront of this standard and to this day we get audited every 12 months to keep standards at their highest level. ISO standards are measurement-led and ensure that as an agency, we deliver on what we promise and our KPIs are met.


ISO 20121 Logo

The Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development

We were the first and sadly last creative comms agency to be awarded. Following the Queen’s passing, this is now the King’s Award for Enterprise. It took us five years and three attempts to meet the standard. Much of the criteria is people-focused and how they engage with our continuous sustainable development. The assessors look at all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how we are involved in the community. 

Queens Award Sustainability Winner 2022 - Sustainability

B Corp

B Corp is a global standard and is relatively new compared to our other accreditations. Its focus is on purpose and social responsibility. Very quickly, B Corp is becoming one of the global leading standards for the corporate world across all sectors. The accreditation process is rigorous and has taken us over two years to be assessed, with many questions and calls for evidence to back up our claims. B Corp has been our most difficult standard to attain (for good reason!), and we are immensely proud to say we are now a B Corporation.


B Corp Logo


Check out this video with our CEO, Dale Parmenter, talking about the importance of B Corp and what it means to DRPG. 


Take a look below to see how we’re reporting on our sustainability. 

DRPG Sustainability Review 2023