Employee Value Proposition - Engineering

The solution 

Our work package included a brand-new creative that operated in partnership with their newly defined corporate identity: a series of interactive choice-led videos that required the user input before moving to the next scene, a wide range of pop-up stands, pull up banners, large format adverts, magazine spreads and an AR app designed around showcasing roles and responsibly undertaken with Bosch Rexroth in mind.

We also recommended the following:

  • A short film to be delivered across social media – to attract a younger demographic
  • A disruptive short time frame campaign aimed at a new and diverse target group
  • Feature articles hosted on the
    Bosch Careers website

Before moving into production with this project, a wide range of research took place. This included 121 interviews with Rexroth colleagues all over the world. From these we formed personas around the demographics of people working within Rexroth and those who would also be attracted to this company.


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