Augmented Reality App - Engineering

The solution

We created a unique augmented reality app that superimposed computer-generated images of WB products onto solid environments. 

Aimed at both an internal and external audience, the app was designed to provide content specific to all their needs. By selecting a boiler from a catalogue, users are then enabled by scanning a marker to access key information and revealing detail from their own boiler model.

By clicking the scale button, a user will view a life-size version and be able to see what the boiler would look like in situ.

Markers were available in non-adhesive stickers so boilers could be positioned on the wall to see how they look within the home.

This means the app let customers see a life-size, 3D view of the boilers on any wall, within any space, within their home. The app completely removes the possibility of customers buying a boiler that is too big or too small for their space, or one that doesn't match their tastes and preferences.

This innovative way of showcasing its products has proven to be a huge hit with approved installers (who sell Worcester Bosch boilers) as well as consumers.

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