Adecco Annual Superstars Incentive Trip

The Adecco Group is the world's second largest Human Resources provider and temporary staffing firm, and is also a huge fan of travel incentives, because they’re a pretty powerful tool when it comes to celebrating employees. Together we’ve sent its top performers to some truly fabulous destinations over the years. This year, Adecco hoped to motivate and reward its sales force like never before, and it needed to have a wow-factor that encourages those who didn’t win to challenge and exceed their targets and work towards securing a place on the next trip.

So that got us thinking… where do we take 103 of these jet-setting winners for four days of fun? How do we motivate the Adecco sales force with the perfect destination – something they’ve never experienced before?

Case Study - Adecco - Superstars Incentive - Image 2
Case Study - Adecco - Superstars Incentive - Image 3

The chosen destination? The one and only Secrets Royal Beach, Punta Cana! Based in the Dominican Republic, the hotel provides a good balance of programme and leisure time, which was a key consideration for the trip. We also handled every part of the trip, so all they had to do was bring their sunnies and get ready to have lots of fun!

These superstars got to enjoy a whole range of exciting activities, including traditional Dominican dancing, dinners at the hotel restaurant as well as a gala dinner where our winners dressed up in formal attire, private hire of a nearby beach club, a catamaran cruise, and a spot of snorkelling.

Case Study - Adecco - Superstars Incentive - Image 4

CSR will always be at the heart of our incentives, because not only can it be a brilliant team strengthening exercise, but it’s also important to give back. This trip was no different. During a private buchata lesson on the beach, winners were able to track their time spent on the activity via their Win 4 Youth initiative app, which was then converted into charity funding. Additionally, we asked the superstars to pack donations for a local orphanage, and they donated generously! Several members of the Senior Leadership team were then able to visit the orphanage and drop off all of the donations.

Our bespoke app meant we could gather feedback from winners, with many of them stating it was “an amazing experience”. Across 39 questions using a rating of 1-5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent), the average score came out at 4.46 out of 5. Sounds like success to us!