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We’re big champions of creativity, but we’re good with the details too.

We have over 70+ digital experts, all specialised in their respective fields. There is no way they would ever leave the scoping and analysis of your marketing needs to chance or rely on assumption.

Instead, we take a custom approach to every project. We dive deep, really deep, into researching your audiences and finding the right content, channels and strategy for you and your business. But we don’t stop once the strategy is in place, your beautiful social media campaign is launched or we get your SEO bang on the money.

We keep assessing; keep reporting changes, developments and those inevitable wins to you. We keep a close eye on the analytics and use them to your advantage. Once you’re up and running, it’s all about optimisation. We’re not naive enough to think that we’ll get your marketing strategy perfect on day one, and the digital marketing landscape is in continual flux. The DRPG difference, though, is this; we’ll keep driving towards the optimal solution, delivering sustained high-performance, no matter what.

Want to know how reporting and analytics can help your next project?


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