Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We leave no platform unexplored and no digital stone unturned.

Collaborating with our team of Creatives, every campaign we produce, every ad we place will be captivating and prompting your audience to take action.

Digital Marketing is a big umbrella these days, and you want to make sure your umbrella is covering all it needs to. From SEO, Google Ads and paid social to data and analytics. Our team works forensically to ensure your brand is everywhere it should be, delivering on all fronts. Even with the most banging creative, your marketing needs to be seen by the right people to maximize results. We have the pedigree to deliver not only the numbers you want but a creative concept that’s imaginative, fresh and memorable.

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What we do

Paid Media

Unless you have a team who understands how to ensure you get a cracking ROI on your paid media spend, oodles of cash can be thrown off this metaphorical cliff with nothing to show for it. At DRPG our specialists will maximize your discoverability and get you in front of the right audiences every time.

We understand the differences between social platforms and how to adjust the content and messaging accordingly. One size does not fit all. Just because you ran a great piece on Facebook doesn’t mean it will be a hit with the Instagram crowd. Little things like image size and character count in the copy can make the world of difference to the success of your content across platforms. We tailor your paid media so it’s kicking goals on all social, YouTube, Programmatic Display and Google Ads. We watch your media like a hawk, optimising it and tweaking it so it can do a cracking job and achieve those business goals of yours.

Whatever your budget, we will ensure it is working to the max, growing your audience and delivering on your goals.

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Organic Marketing

We want to ensure acquisition means retention and ultimately revenue. No matter how ambitious your targets, we can get you there. Your organic visibility is super important at every stage of the marketing funnel. 

Digital PR provides awareness, SEO gets you in front of potential audiences, website content is terrific for consideration and social content and newsletters are paramount for retention.

By devising a unique strategy for your business, utilizing various channels and tactics, we will ensure your boosted web visibility drives leads and ensures growth.

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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics is key to thriving digital marketing Without analytics, raw data would stay as is: raw and untapped. Audit converts all types of data into insights that can be used and acted on, so your marketing can be informed and provide results. 

Our data and analytics process provides a clear picture of where you are now, where you have come from and where you should go. We shape our findings into a roadmap (including a stop at the Drive-Thru) so that any creative we produce is completely underpinned by solid strategy.

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