Canon Branded Presentation

You’ve heard of Canon, right? It’s a Japanese multinational corporation that most know for its range of cameras and lenses, but there’s much more to the business than photography kit. Canon specialises in optical, imaging and industrial products that include everything from your camera at home right through to medical equipment, scanners, printers and impressive manufacturing equipment.

Every year, Canon produces a corporate brochure to showcase its range internally, with select clients and other interested parties like students applying to its many training programmes. It’s a document that has to work hard to excite different audiences across the globe, while covering core information with precision and adhering to tight brand guidelines. Having seen our work, Canon felt we could do all that and more.

Case study detail - Canon - Presentation Design - 02
Case study detail - Canon - Presentation Design - 03

With such a wealth of products and specialisms to showcase in a single document, we immediately identified a need for structure. Canon wanted this document to flow seamlessly from one area to another, but also needed the option to show just a few slides as standalone presentations. That doesn’t happen without careful planning, so we set to work condensing all existing information into one place, then redistributed it into a structure that made sense.

Then the real fun began. Playing with energetic imagery, bold typography and clean graphics, we created a fully interactive presentation that spoke to the brand without sacrificing the enthusiasm Canon was determined to convey. Working within tight brand guidelines, and the design constraints that come with established multinational corporations, we achieved something spectacular.

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Case study detail - Canon - Presentation Design - 05
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These slides showcase the very best of the business and add excitement to the brand, but ultimately feel like Canon. Most importantly, it can be used by anyone, anywhere, for anything. Clear design and clever copy come together to ensure it works across cultures, and we took care to make sure it can be used and edited in any office without loss of quality or interactivity.

Now distributed to Canon locations across the globe, it’s provided Canon with a single corporate story that motivates and energises. What can we say? It was a hit.

Case study detail - Canon - Presentation Design - 07

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