Phoenix Presentation Design

As one of the UK’s largest long-term savings and retirement businesses, Phoenix Group pretty clued up about all things finance. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) comms, however, were not its strong suit. That’s exactly why the business came to us following the creation of a new internal team committed to furthering Phoenix Group’s DEI agenda. The team needed some help making the strategy resonate across the business, and wanted to make sharing information around all their good work as easy as possible. 

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We turned to our incredible team of graphic designers to come up with a look and feel that would come to define all things DEI at Phoenix Group. Working within a new visual identity at Phoenix, and with a clear focus on effective communication, they whipped up something entirely new that felt fresh and engaging, yet 100% Phoenix. 

Creating a fully designed strategy and PowerPoint templates that meant new comms would flow straight from the core policies, our team hit the nail on the head. We created graphic representations of the big concepts, so they became super simple for anyone at Phoenix to understand. We made something that looked sleek, polished and professional, reflecting the new approach to DEI. Most importantly, we created room for growth and opportunities for storytelling, in all its many forms, into slides that could be used again and again. 

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Phoenix loved the final product and have since been using it in all DEI comms. Vitally, it’s given them an easy route to upholding best practice around accessibility where it really matters and shows genuine inclusion in the comms where that just can’t be left out. Basically, it’s done exactly what it needed to… and it looks great while doing it.