UCB Immunology Summit Digital Marketing

As a biopharma company that’s truly global, UCB knows the value of reaching the right people in the right place. When its regular Immunology Summit rolled around during the global pandemic though, it had to come up with a new approach to connecting healthcare professionals. Getting people talking, learning more about its specialisms in neurology and immunology and drawing new audiences to UCB was still the goal. But delivery demanded a digital solution. 

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Our clever digital marketing team whipped up a full, multi-channel campaign plan to make sure UCB met its goals. It particularly wanted to expand audience reach and encourage registration to make sure the event was still a popular one despite ongoing challenges around Covid-19. Our plan, therefore, was to create some cracking content and get it in front of as many people as possible. 

We thought about every social media platform under the sun and crafted targeted campaigns across Google Ads, plus extended the messaging across an email marketing campaign. We went to all the places where we knew this audience was already lurking and served them content they just couldn’t pass by. Not to blow our own trumpet, but it was a massive success. 

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UCB was super happy with the huge digital marketing push we delivered for the biggest event in its calendar. We got people registered in 53 countries and pushed up attendee figures in a snap, but we did so much more than that. The data we collected from various touchpoints went back to UCB and helped them shape not just this event, but plenty more to come. Talk about bang for your buck! 

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