Sensationail Product Photography

A household name for the at-home gel nail kit, Sensationail’s offering rapidly grew as it hit the highstreets. To make sure the brand remained as visible as it’s nail polish colours while it released new and exciting products, it wanted to reinvigorate its presence on social media. This new offering needed to target a new online customer base and attract a wider range of customers, rather than the online-savvy buyers who had made Sensationail successful so far.

We strategised, overhauled old offerings and even gave customers the option to buy directly via Facebook’s purchasing systems. A creative strategy was then formed, built on Sensationail’s existing social media offering, as well as identifying opportunities to generate new income from pages that were currently underperforming. 

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However, to capture the attention of an audience known for its speedy scrolling, we needed something that would halt those thumbs in their tracks. That’s where our Photography team came in, handling every part of the high-fashion photoshoot process, from shoot location to styling of the product. Not only did this produce some truly stunning marketing assets that captured the attention of shoppers, but it also undoubtedly set Sensationail apart from its competitors and showcased the brilliance of Sensationail’s offering in a glossy, editorial manner.

These brilliant shots certainly did the trick at stopping those thumbs, as Sensationail  has seen an increase in revenue, especially in the form of transactions carried out directly on social media. Additionally, website hits skyrocketed along with social media page views, in turn growing its social media audience who were hungry for more visually pleasing content, increasing its reach and engagement statistics in the process.

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