Experience is everything.

Technology is meant to make our lives easier. With the help of great UX we make sure it does just that.

It’s one thing to build a digital platform, but it’s another to make something that works for people. Without the dedicated thought to User Experience (UX) many websites and platforms aren’t as successful as they could be.

We believe in putting the user at the heart of all decision making. We’re constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries and bring users memorable, effective and easy to follow solutions.

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What we do


Knowledge is power, and when it comes to crafting awesome digital products, understanding your audience is essential. Our team is extremely experienced when it comes to running usability studies to understand what your users are looking for (and what they’re not)! Combined with our Research & Insights team, we can go beyond just the experience users expect when they’ve arrived at your door, we can also find more of your audience who are eager to knock! Research comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, but some of our preferred methods include focus groups, one-to-one interviews, competitor analysis and analytic evaluation. We’re also big on usability testing.

UX Consulting

Bringing in external support can bring fresh insight to any project. We take your existing platform (be it web-based or software) and work with you to understand your audience, goals and aspirations. Armed with these insights, our team conducts a thorough review of your system, offering recommendations and actions. These are based on industry best practices, competitor analysis (wherever possible) and our own masterful expertise. We can also rank the priority of updates to help you deliver the most value to your users in the quickest way.

UI Design

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but in the massively competitive online sphere, we all do it. The design and aesthetic of the digital platforms we use can be the difference between engaging and converting or heading back to Google. First impressions count. Our team of designers have bags of creativity paired with a keen eye for what makes digital designs pop. We ensure that anything we produce doesn’t just look great, but also adheres to web accessibility standards and usability best practices to make sure they’re as effective as possible.  


Nobody wants to sink loads of money into a platform, only to then learn that it doesn’t work. Prototyping helps remove some of that guess work. We create rapid mock-ups of the platform with as much interactivity needed to convey the product’s purpose, be it a single journey or advanced branching pathways. It’s also a valuable tool for getting a feel of the platform before a single line of code is even written. Not only that, but prototypes can also be handy, helping stakeholders, prospective users and other key people ‘try before they buy’ and iron out problems. 

Usability Testing

Ultimately, your users determine the success of your platform. Usability testing tells you if your users are lovin’ or hatin’. In its simplest form, we place your website, app or software in front of someone representative of your users (unless you have some actual users we can work with) and ask them to complete a series of pre-defined tasks. This could be attempting to purchase a product, make an enquiry or hunt out a particular piece of information. We then observe their behaviour, noting down their comments and delving a bit deeper with some probing questions to really get into their head and find out how they feel. The results are often fascinating and offer an unbiased look at how your platform’s performing. It can highlight issues that often get overlooked or show completely new avenues to take. Our team can craft the perfect usability study to best fit your platform. We also aim to keep you involved every step of the way, from test script creation and people sourcing, through to test observation and outcome reporting. Better still, we’re then on hand to support you with recommended changes and enhancements to address those issues. That’s the beauty of our full-service offering.