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Say hello to an experience like no other. We’re in the business of delivering unforgettable events that make our clients look like superstars.

It's not easy delivering an event like no other; it takes passion, a touch of glamour, and our award-winning, in-house team. Here at DRPG, we’re ready to help you connect with your people, wherever they are in the world, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to deliver an experience beyond your wildest dreams. From taking brands global and launching exciting new products, to sprucing up those (often very dull) team meetings and getting morale back on track, we can do it all.

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What we do

Event Comms

The messaging around your event is just as important as the big day itself. Our Copy team backed by strategy from our Research and Insights team will craft content that will have delegates itching to sign up. We can also help you realise and relay key messaging throughout the event, we’ll take advantage of our in-house capabilities and make sure every word resonates with the right people.

Event Management

With stellar event management, your event will be perfect. Whether an exhibition, live event, virtual event or hybrid event, you need a team of experienced professionals to fine tune that magic and create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. There are so many aspects of an event, and you needn’t worry yourself with them, because we’ll handle them all so you can enjoy the event just as much as your guests! We’ll liaise with suppliers and contractors, organise logistics, travel plans, accommodation – all of the extra add-ons that come with putting on an event. Our project delivery team will ensure things are on-time, hassle-free and are all working to create an impactful and memorable event with plenty of wow-factor.

Event Production

Your event will be a seamless experience. It sounds like a bold claim, but we’re telling the truth. That’s because our Event Production team are experts at delivering all types of experiences, from large-scale conferences and star-studded awards to riveting roadshows and even congress events. Our secret? Well we can’t tell you that, but we can tell you that every production experience starts with understanding your objectives and focusing on what change you want to see arising from the delivery of your event.

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Live Events

We take our Anything’s Possible mantra very seriously. Your wildest dreams no longer become wild, because we make it happen. Whether you’re launching an exciting new product to the world, making everlasting memories with your workforce, hosting a high-profile AGM or simply want to put on an intimate, yet brilliant, dinner for your Senior Leadership team, our team of bold creatives, extraordinary event planners and highly skilled technical production team will ensure your event doesn’t just run without a hitch, but remains the talk of the town for years to come.

Virtual Events

With a virtual event, you can make waves across the world. A CEO can be right there in every living room (metaphorically, of course) with viewers hanging off their every word. We’ve spent time developing our impressive tech and pushing the boundaries to offer our clients the best interactive experience. That way, your delegates are constantly engaged, endlessly entertained and utterly impressed by the experience you’re offering them.

Hybrid Events

Our hybrid events are marvellous beasts as you get the best of both worlds: the buzz of face-to-face and the global reach going virtual can offer. We can interweave the live and virtual components seamlessly to create an event that feels integrated and exciting. Our creatives love the challenge of coming up with new ways to include online attendees and making them feel just as much a part of the experience as those there in person.


Bond with your audience like never before with a brilliantly interactive experiential event. Your audience won’t find themselves with a numb bum this time (unless said experience is trying out chairs all day). Instead, they’ll be getting stuck in with your products and taking part in physical, immersive activities. Whether you organise a 10-hour game-a-thon with your latest console, or a hot dog competition that pairs nicely with your latest beverage, these fun activities work to create an everlasting, positive impression where you get to have fun in the process. It’s a win-win situation!

Venue Finding

If you’re planning to host an exciting event, but are still not sure on the actual location, there’s no need to panic! Picking a venue can make your head spin, but our team of experts are here to scout out the perfect venues for you and even consult with you on which would be the perfect match.

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Incentive Travel

Grab your sunnies and pack your skis, it’s time to appreciate your team with the trip of a lifetime. We know good travel incentives, and our team know how to develop the perfect trip tailored especially for your team. You can have fun in the sun while instilling your brand values, enjoying dinners in Morocco while making new connections and, most importantly, making memories as a team that will be treasured forever.

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Content Creation

Events are rarely just a single moment in time. They slot into part of a much bigger plan to elevate your business and solidify your messaging. DRPG will work with you to create engaging content pre, during and post-event that will keep the momentum going for years to come.

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Research & Insights

Make sure your event is a huge hit with your delegates by gaining insight into what it is they want to take away from this experience. Our Research and Insight team will work with our Creative and Production teams to uncover the elements that will maximise engagement and make this an unforgettable experience.

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What's your score? We know you’re just as passionate about sustainability as us, but putting on an event for the ages does of course have an impact on the environment. There’s no need to fear though, every project we work on begins with a Sustainability Action Plan and we’ve even got our very own bespoke sustainability event app. This captures key information about the event and gives us an overall sustainability score. With all this handy information, we highlight key areas where improvements can be made and even make recommendations for future improvements to increase the sustainability score! Ready to save the planet with us?

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