Our show-stopping, jaw-dropping, eye-bulging, mind-blowing, heart-racing exhibitions and displays will secure your title as exhibition royalty.

Create an everlasting buzz around your brand with an immersive exhibition that delegates will adore.

For over 40 years, our approach to exhibitions has been a little bit different. We’re all about creating moments that leave a lasting impression (a good one, of course). How do we do this? It’s all about developing an incredible experience to wow the crowd. What sets us apart from the rest is our very own ExpoLab. This handy piece of tech gives us the blueprint to deliver the very best results - and we’ll even create it all under one roof, too. If you’re looking to make your investment go far, connect with your visitors and leave a lasting impression, then you’ve come to the right place.

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What we do

Exhibition Comms

With any great event, you need equally great comms to get the word out and keep your messaging at the forefront. Exhibition comms can include getting delegates excited from the very first teaser email to stunning handouts and materials you can use throughout the exhibition, as well as keeping that excitement around your brand fresh, even once it’s all over! We have creatives, R&I, copywriters, designers and a print team all in-house and ready to help you develop incredible comms that not only resonate with your audience, but also help create a lasting buzz around your brand.

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Exhibition Design

A great exhibition will have heads turning in every direction. With brilliant stand design, delegates will revel in the jaw-dropping stands and enjoy the immersive brand experience you’ve created. We use our expertise and in-house capabilities to design truly immersive experiences, from digital interactive solutions to physical activities, that audiences will truly love and connect with. Our project delivery team will ensure things are on-time, hassle-free and are all working to create an impactful and memorable event with plenty of wow-factor.

Exhibition Build

Looking to steal the show at your next exhibition? We’ll help you do just that with an incredible stand and end-to-end delivery. We proudly house our own fully equipped fabrication facility, so we can build complex free build structures in-house. This way, you needn’t worry about third-party providers slowing things down. With full design, build, digital and technical support in-house for brand experience centres, retail experiential and traditional exhibition builds, DRPG has you covered throughout the entire process.

Exhibition Technology

Elevate your exhibition experience with materials and technologies carefully selected by us (you’re welcome). This way, you can boost that dwell time, interaction and engagement around your brand by bringing that content to life in an exciting way. This could be using a whole range of cool tech like holograms, VR, gamification and more. The possibilities are endless.

Staffing & Training

A stand-out stand isn’t just about all the cool things going on with it. Those manning it will play a huge role in making sure it’s a hit with the crowd. We can suggest the perfect fit for the team and provide our very own ExpoLab training. This handy training will help them master your stand activities, be on top of all things health and safety and easily connect with delegates.

Large Format Print & Display

Our in-house Print team are the pioneers of consistency, and we all love a bit of that, don’t we? It doesn’t matter what channel you’re looking to use, our teams work closely to make sure your brand is displayed at the highest standard. Times Square will have nothing on you, because our Print team will make your displays, leaflets, posters and everything in between look glossy (unless you prefer matte) and extremely professional. Not only will your competitors be filled with envy, you’ll also benefit from a super seamless experience, right through from those first concepts to the finished product.

Content Creation

With a fleeting attention span, you need to get your key message out there to delegates without all the waffle. We can craft captivating content for crowds to soak up and persuade them to interact with your stand before anyone else’s.

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Research & Insights

Want to make sure your exhibition display stands out to the right people? Our Research and Insights team can uncover all the things your target demographic is looking out for. They’ll then inform our teams so that we can create the perfect solution for you.

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We’ve mustered up some pretty cool exhibitions in our time, but did you know that we’ve always placed sustainability at the forefront of this? Our use of top of the range tech better allows us to use environmentally responsible materials; implement our Sustainability Action Plan at the start of every project, and aim to make a positive difference with everyone who connects with us!

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