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The most powerful communication tool on the planet. Reach more people, in more ways, with engaging film & video that instantly connects with your audience.

We love film. Can’t get enough of it. It’s actually where we began over 40 years ago and we’re still just as passionate about making exceptional film and video all these years later. The reason why is simple: nothing communicates a message, tells a story, or connects with an audience in quite the same way as the moving image.

Our incredible creative team, packed with over 90 writers, directors, producers, animators and more, knows what works in the world of film and video. They’ll work with you to understand your objectives, and make sure they’re met in every visual we produce. It’s because of them we’ve become the leading film production agency in the UK. And you don’t just need to take our word for it, we won ‘Production Company of the Year’ in the prestigious Televisual Awards.

Through storyboarding, scripting, location finding and filming we’ll bring heaps of creativity to the mix. In our unrivalled UK studios, we can make whole new worlds come to life on screen. We can amp up your socials, beef up your events, even create thought-provoking podcasts that will take your brand directly into the ear of your audience. Basically, if you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Once we’ve captured your content, our savvy post-production team will work magic, creating a perfectly packaged product ready to share wherever and however you like. Your audience won’t know what hit them.

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What we do

Creative Ideation

We’ve got all the technical skills you need to pull a fantastic film together, that goes without saying. What’s more impressive is our endless creative. Among our ever-growing team, it’s always the big ideas that most impress and that might just be the most valuable thing we bring to the table. From day one, we’ll work with you to define your goals, and take a look at any existing concepts. Then we’ll let our imagination run free with ideation sessions, expert scriptwriting and detailed storyboarding leading the way to an incredible end product. We've cultivated a team of the UK's most talented creative minds here, and they’re all laser-focused on making your film grab attention from the very first second.


Great stories make for memorable moments. Those moments can build incredible connections with your audience and grow everything from brand recognition to sentiment, loyalty and more. Basically, great stories are good business. That’s why we put storytelling at the heart of every film we produce. Using the very best tech out there, we can craft films that are unlike anything your audience has seen before. With expertly selected actors, we’ll make sure your story is told in your voice, and to reflect your people. Plus, being a genuinely global organisation with contacts across the world, we can take those stories to any location imaginable.


Some of the most exciting stuff we do happens in the cutting room. Well, it’s not so much a cutting room as a series of high-tech edit suites, but you get the idea. Post-production is a huge part of what takes your film from good to outstanding. At this stage, our clever team takes all the footage we’ve collected, along with storyboards, your feedback and a solid understanding of the project’s vision and brings it to life. That might mean adding animation, music and voice overs, refining the final look with careful cuts and colour grading, or creating different versions of your film for different uses and platforms. Whatever you need, we deliver from start to finish.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Take your film to a whole new level with stylish motion graphics that get your customers hooked in seconds. Nothing grabs attention quite like a moving image and there’s no film you customise as well as animation. Tell us what you want to share with your audience and our crew of illustrators, animators and motion graphic designers will whip up something that’s as successful as it is stunning. Don’t worry if you’ve got goals in mind but no clue how you want it to look, we’re overflowing with ideas! Plus, we back each and every one up with truly stand-out design.

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Research & Insights

Knowing what your audience will respond to is the key to success. Our team of dedicated researchers will not only provide you with a bank of solid data you can use to shape your vision, but they will guide you on what makes your audience sit up and take note.  

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As we work towards Net Zero, we put sustainability at the core of everything we do and produce. We are conscious that work in the film sphere can have a larger than intended carbon footprint, that’s why we monitor every action we take very closely so we can do what is right for the planet and bring down those carbon emissions. We have film teams spread across the UK which means less travel. We also use energy efficient equipment to bring down our power usage. You can rest assured that your journey with us will be as green as possible. 

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