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Our task was to create an interactive learning resource for LBG that was aimed at children aged three to five. Teaching the basics of money and savings in a fun and interactive way, this website was to be fully accessible so all could enjoy and learn from it.

The accessibility aspect was of the utmost importance to our client, and our solution won ‘Best digital accessibility award’ at the 2021 Digital Impact European Awards.

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The animated game ‘Surprise Party for Peter’ takes users on an interactive journey which centres on a shopping trip where purchase decisions need to be made. Choices are clearly presented throughout, featuring a descriptive explanation of items to support children with understanding the outcome of their decisions.

Working with external parties like Young Enterprise, who created the script, and Signly to produce the sign language videos that were overlaid, we created a truly accessible, dynamic learning experience based on inclusive design principles. Functionalities included captioning and British Sign Language for the deaf, and accessibility through screen readers for the blind or partially sighted.

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The game is available on all devices and considers the range of learning needs for children between the age of three to five, and the differing needs of their parents, carers and educators who may also have disabilities.

Launched in November 2020, Peter’s Surprise Party has been a huge success, with users spending an average of almost five minutes on the game, accessed via a range of devices.

It has been awarded the Quality Mark Certification and is also WCAG AA compliant with the support of Disability Accessibility Centre (DAC).