Virtusa Sibos Exhibition Stand

At a beautifully busy Sibos (we created three big exhibition stands for it this year), we were tasked with getting more visitors sitting down to talk with the team from Virtusa. The technology services company is all about helping businesses achieve change at scale and speed, so taking the time to chat to potential customers is absolutely central to understanding their ambitions and providing solutions. Its exhibition stand, therefore, needed plenty of space for a good old chinwag. 

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Our exhibition team really came up with something special for Virtusa. The space was fully branded, of course, but we took the look one step further with dramatic lighting that really helped it stand out from the crowd. Every inch of the space was put to work, with four separate meeting spaces, a welcome area and plenty of highly visible branding worked into the relatively small square footage. 

We found new ways to give visitors a little privacy as they chatted with the Virtusa team, providing two enclosed meeting rooms for up to six and some more casual areas where visitors could still feel part of the wider event. LED screens helped the on site team share complex information in an instant and bold, graphic styling made the space unforgettable, even unmissable. 

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Sibos was an incredible event all round, and for Virtusa, this exhibition space really delivered. In the area we created, their team were able to do everything they set out to with ease, and without any of the all-too-common hiccups. We created a stand that made a real impact and made the busy show smooth sailing for Virtusa. What more could you ask for?