Amazon All Hands Virtual Event

You’ve heard of Amazon, right? Well, when its UK and Ireland division handed us the incredible task of bringing a bi-annual All Hands event to life, we knew immersion in the brand was key. Leaders wanted to share business updates, but they needed to get Amazonians excited about what they were doing too. For that, we needed to create a digital wonderland. 

Using our incredible virtual event technology, and years of experience creating unforgettable moments, we conjured up a solution that combined business updates with company culture in the most engaging way imaginable. Our team of animators brought a pulsating energy to the event, and we even added extended reality (XR) elements to make attendees feel like they could reach out and touch the magic.  

The virtual world we crafted was a true reflection of Amazon, and so were our two charismatic hosts, handpicked through a thrilling user-generated competition. Joined by another 10 speakers, there were plenty of moving parts to manage here. We took it all in our stride and even made time to help each speaker fine-tune their content, delivery, and make sure their messages hit home like a comet of inspiration. 

Man presenting in front of greenscreen at Amazon All Hands
Shot from Amazon All Hands virtual event
Shot from the Amazon all hands virtual event
Shot from Amazon All Hands virtual event
Shot from Amazon All Hands virtual event

Oh, and there's more! In addition to crafting the event, planning every detail, and creating the virtual world, we also recorded the show. Amazonians can now enjoy the magic on-demand, or look back on just the highlights in one of our shorter cuts of the event.   

It really was an amazing event, and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from Amazon.