Open GI The BIBA Conference Exhibition Stand

Back before we were called in to do some digging and refresh the brand to mark it out as a real leader, our exhibition team were challenged with bringing Open GI to The BIBA Conference in real style. Known as the largest broking event in the UK, and one of the biggest broking conferences in the world, this was a huge opportunity for insurance software provider Open GI to make a splash in the insurance market. 

Open GI Stand - Full Width
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This year, the event was all about connections. So we took that concept and ran with it, integrating Open GI’s stand with everything The BIBA Conference stands for. A honeycomb motif became the central pillar everything else was built around, echoing that concept of connection and working together, while giving us ample practical space to highlight the brand’s very best qualities. We installed screens to give us extra space for more diverse messaging and made sure the brand was instantly recognisable in everything we did. 

Then we amped up opportunities for actually meeting people in a meaningful way by bringing in the one thing you can never find at a large exhibition: good coffee. Placing this in the centre of the stand brought people in to chat with the Open GI team and gave the whole space the relaxed yet engaging feel they had hoped for.  

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The stand looked incredible – just take a look for yourself. It fit in with the market Open GI occupies and gave visitors the confidence that this was the right brand to work with. But it also stood out for its simplicity and sleek design. Here, we got the balance just right, and the whole Open GI team agreed, it was a real hit.