Nationwide Awards and Virtual Broadcast

Nationwide is the world’s largest building society. Owned and led by its 15 million members, nothing is more important to the business than its people. When it approached DRPG to create a personalised and engaging awards ceremony, it was clear our solution needed to put those people front and centre. 

At the time, 76% of the Nationwide team were working from home, so we needed to come up with innovative ways to make individuals feels connected as we acknowledged and rewarded their efforts in the annual awards show. Nationwide wanted a big celebration packed with content that felt like a real treat for its 250 finalists. We thought, what’s a better reward than a ‘BIG Night In’? 

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Before the big day, we ramped up the anticipation. Each finalist received a personalised package that included a TV-style keepsake, unique gifts, drinks, snacks and M&S gift vouchers to purchase more treats to enjoy when steaming the live event. They got a personal message from Nationwide’s CEO on the bespoke event app we created too. Plus, to make sure there were no technical glitches on the night, we offered Smart TV, web browser and Amazon Firestick testing sessions for three nights pre-ceremony. 

All that meant energy was high as Nationwide’s CEO and comedian Chris Ramsey got the exciting event started. Live music, audience interaction and a high-energy gameshow element got everyone into the ‘Saturday night TV’ mood, while mixing live games with pe-recorded content helped us keep everything flowing. Viewers won prizes based on interaction on the bespoke event app, and all award winners had their moment in the spotlight with a personalised poem and accompanying animation celebrating their success. 

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Nationwide’s big night in was a huge success. Viewing numbers soared over the evening, with more tuning in than expected, and all interacted throughout the full show. It was a real celebration of achievement in the business and created plenty of fun at a time when it was much needed. 92% watched their personalised video from the CEO. while 86% said the event met or exceeded expectations. 83% said the event made them feel valued for their contributions.

Leanne Cottrell, engagement and event manager at Nationwide, said, “Our Annual Awards 2020 certainly was a BIG Night In! Getting our delegates away from their desks and office environments was key for us – and the end result truly did feel like a night in in front of the TV for our delegates. From being able to include families in the nights activities, through to the level of personalisation in the run up to the event, DRPG helped us plan and deliver in a way that helped the delegates get that ‘special’ feeling of an awards night, from the safety and comfort of their sofa.”