MUFG Sibos Exhibition Stand

MUFG is a big name in global finances and one of the largest banking institutions in Japan. Not content to rest on its already stellar reputation, it asked us to help the business draw in new customers and build relationships that would last at Sibos. The location was ideal – the annual Sibos event attracts over 8,000 decision makers in the world of finance every year – and our exhibition team couldn’t wait to get started. 

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MUFG needed a space that was inviting, guiding people into meeting spaces where they could learn more about the business. Our expert team knew that meant it needed impact too – no one would venture inside if they weren’t stopped in their tracks first. At four metres tall, with a striking, on-brand red and white fascia, you literally couldn’t have missed MUFG’s space. 

Bold red and white designs echoed both the client’s logo and Japan’s national flag, while smooth curves and neutral furnishing created a relaxed atmosphere where everyone felt welcome. To speak to the heritage of the brand, as requested, Japan’s national drink was served in a central sake area, further inviting visitors to linger. Plus, we created even more opportunities for that all-important relationship building with three distinct spaces designed for pre-arranged appointments. 

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The stunning stand did exactly what we needed it to – it got people into the space and talking to the MUFG team. Our bold design cut through the noise of the busy exhibition and gave MUFG space to create meaningful moments with new clients. Over 200 delegates visited the stand each day of the conference, and over 100 people gathered for the first sake ceremony hosted there.  

Really, though, it’s MUFG’s take aways that matter. So what did the team there have to say? “From the initial meeting we felt we were in good hands. DRPG understood our brief from the outset - asking the right questions and encouraging us to think about what we wanted to achieve. The team were very engaged with us throughout and regular communication on design, build, budget and other deadlines meant that we knew everything was running to schedule and there would be no surprises. Feedback that we have received from MUFG staff that attended the event offers huge praise for the design and flow of the stand – our best effort yet!”