Asda Managers' Conference

ASDA knows what it stands for, and when it came to us it already had its values in place. But, after five years of the same look and feel (and a break with Walmart), its internal brand was feeling more than a bit tired. We brought fresh energy to the iconic supermarket.

Our next-level creative teams were tasked with rustling up a visual style and identity for ASDA’s five values. We needed to blow colleagues’ socks off and make sure everything we produced could be reflected across a huge range of collateral and merchandise. What we came up with was pretty special. Take a look…

Image of people walking into the Asda Managers' Conference
Image of a female talking at the Asda Managers' Conference
Shot of Asda Managers Conference XR BTS
Shot of Asda Managers Conference XR as it would look onscreen

Every value got its own campaign concept and identity, so each one felt distinct and important, yet still 100% ASDA. Then we cascaded them across a whole load of printed collateral, whipped up some zingy animations and created promotional merchandise to be used at the main launch event. Did we mention we hosted a massive launch event for the new internal brand too? No big deal.

Using our digital skills and expertise, we also utilised our XR systems. Immersive, interactive and innovative, we were able to add a dynamic and engaging edge that really left a mark on the event.

Audience shot of Asda's Managers' Conference
Shot of a male cheering at Asda's Managers' Conference

When the new look and feel took centre stage at ASDA’s Strategy Conference in Leeds for 2,700 employees, it was a resounding hit. Not only did it look incredible on the big screen and on the goodies for attendees to take away, it got ASDA’s values back in front of its people in a big way. From there, it’s gone on to touch over 145,000 colleagues and has come to define internal branding at the supermarket.

Safe to say, ASDA were blown away. The whole team loved our creative and were super impressed with the results. So much so, we’re still working with them now, helping to keep that momentum going and making sure internal branding never takes a back seat again.

Group shot from Asda Managers Conference