Hyster Yale IMHX Exhibition Stand

When Hyster-Yale heads to a trade show, it goes big. Everything the business does is executed on a grand scale – from the large machinery it sells and services to the impact it hoped to make at IMHX, the UK's essential logistics event. The Hyster-Yale team knows machinery, but we know the world of exhibitions inside out, so once they decided to take on a big space at IMHX, they brought us in to get everyone at the show to their stand. 

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Our design all revolved around a single cylinder at the very centre of the Hyster-Yale space in the NEC’s enormous exhibition hall. To make sure the business could be spotted from the furthest reaches of the hall, we installed a huge circular LED screen at a height that meant it could be seen from anywhere in the room. There, we showcased graphics designed both promote the brand and all its incredible products.  

Once visitors were tempted over, they found a wealth of Hyster-Yale products on dazzling display. We interspersed the branded space with big, bold signage highlighting the business’ core capabilities in one glance and made clever use of colour to give the space a unique identity. Plus, at the base of that central cylinder we installed a full barista style coffee bar. Not only did it keep people in the very centre of all the business had to offer, the chance to chat over a cup of good coffee (not your usual exhibition stuff) left plenty buzzing with excitement for Hyster-Yale products.