Henry Schein Dentology Annual Virtual Conference

Henry Schein is a solutions company for healthcare professionals. It’s powered by its people, with more than 19,000 team members across the globe providing a valued service to over one million customers. Henry Schein was determined to bring all those people together to demonstrate the company’s position as a leader in digitalised dentistry, connect the dental community virtually and generate all-important leads. 

The company wanted a world-class, interactive virtual experience that would provide its delegates with high-value content through innovative, yet accessible, technology. DRPG was the key to achieving all that and more, so Henry Schein approached us to produce the international two-day symposium known as The Global Digital Dentistry Symposium 2021.  

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Once we had the brand in place, it was time to start campaigning. We started six months before the event, targeted all EMEA regions and took a multi-layered approach to ensure maximum impact. We deployed our people on brand building, event promotion, tactical sales and more, and we soon got results. Dentology was featured across media outlets such as WIRED and Dental Economics and grabbed a lot of attention among industry influencers. With an audience in place, we eagerly awaited a virtual experience like no other. 

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Henry Schein wanted a virtual experience that would be remembered, so we built a dynamic virtual environment that felt like a live experience. In a fully branded auditorium delegates gathered to watch keynotes from expert speakers in the industry, presenting from across the globe. In four breakout spaces, dental professionals took to the virtual stage for live sessions.  

An international exhibition space offered stands for each country, where delegates could interact in their chosen language. Delegates could even ‘speak to an expert’ and immediately be connected to the right Henry Schein team member to answer any queries they had based on their country and the product they had interacted with. A truly global, virtual experience, the event wowed dental professionals in more than 20 countries. 

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Feedback speaks for itself: 

“We were so impressed by the world-class sound quality and image clarity. This was no Zoom event with postage stamp sized talking heads and muffled sound, but an engaging, professional event offering insight by some of the digital sector’s best known opinion leaders.”