Ferrari Casa Ferrari F1 Grand Prix

Ferrari came to DRPG to design, build and manage their Casa Ferrari 2023 hospitality venue, at the British F1 GP. Casa Ferrari was to be used for high-end client entertainment and needed to be a slick experience for guests from start to finish.

Shot of Ferrari Casa Ferrari
Interior shot of Ferrari Casa Ferrari
Shot of Ferrari logo at Casa Ferrari
Interior shot of Casa Ferrari

Our design of this premium and exclusive space utilised the 360-degree views to maximise the Ferrari brand’s impact. Styled with elegant, Italian furnishings, and beautifully curated imagery - portraying Ferrari’s race history - the space included zone-specific areas for catering and refreshments. Plush seating meant guests could watch the races in comfort and style, or if guests preferred, they could head to the surrounding gardens with a live DJ and BBQ station, grab a cocktail and watch from there. 

Shot of people outside at Casa Ferrari
Shot of Ferrari car outside Casa Ferarri
Shot of people at Casa Ferrari with a Ferarri car in the background

In between the racing action, guests could get up close and personal with two new Ferrari models in the gardens and take part in the vehicle demonstrations. Enjoyed by 300 guests across the event, Case Ferrari was a seamless blend of style, power and prestige, all synonymous with one of the world’s leading automotive brands.