EE BAPCO Exhibition Stand

To stand out at BAPCO, the UK’s biggest and best public safety exhibition and conference, EE needed something new. The team had manned a stand at this event before, but they knew there was plenty of room for improvement. To really grow user confidence, be seen and be remembered in this critical sector, EE needed a space that made an impression. We delivered it.

Shot of the EE Bapco exhibition stand
Shot of the EE Bapco Exhibition Stand

With a thorough brief in hand, we started transforming the ask into reality. Drawing on skills across our exceptionally talented team, we whipped up a bold design that sped through planning and into production. We added screens to make content sharing super simple and branded everything so there was no mistaking this was EE. Vitally, we left visitors plenty of room for a casual chat.

Across three distinct spaces, our creative concept was brought to life on-site by our technical team and was soon being marvelled at by visitors. Plus, everything we created was really sustainable. Most components of the fully bespoke stand were designed to be reused and everything was built with flexibility in mind. There were no nasty single-use materials here!

Render of the EE exhibition stand
Shot of the EE exhibition stand
Shot of EE exhibition stand
Render of EE exhibition stand

We’re always keen to make any event we attend just a little bit greener, but the most important thing here (as always) were EE’s goals. It wanted to increase footfall, make more space for conversation and get seen. We did all three.

DRPG created a very high-quality stand presence for us at this year’s BAPCO event in Coventry. The look and feel set the right tone for our messaging and all aspects of the stand performed as we had hoped.​”