Exertis Hamley's Retail Product Installation

When you hear the name Hamley’s, wonderful scenes of delight and magic are conjured by the imagination; a whir of activity, colours and surprises. So, when we were approached by Exertis, one of Europe’s fastest growing tech distribution companies, to craft an installation at Hamley’s, the inner kid in all of us was super excited! 

An installation for Hamley’s flagship store on Regent Street, it had to not only last three years, but encourage repeat footfall, word of mouth and social sharing. It had to be engaging and experiential; somewhere to get lost in. One particular challenge was being sympathetic to the brand guidelines of the 11 different brands the installation housed. But hey, we love a challenge. 

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Case Study - Exertis - Hamleys Installation - Image 2
Case Study - Exertis - Hamleys Installation - Image 3

Consumers are much more inclined these days to interact with brands differently, with their expectations being elevated, thanks to the emergence of the ‘experience economy’. This had to wow. We needed to cater for a variety of ages and had to ensure things were displayed at optimum height. Due to the busy nature of the retail space, most of the creation went on once the store was closed. We also had a myriad of other considerations such as ventilation, security, fire alarms and accessibility. 

LED screens became a platform for content for the 11 brands, and also included an electronic point of sale. We pushed the boundaries of experiential spaces by having racing simulators for the consumers to use, as well as streamer pods where video game influencers and content creators could do their thang.

Case Study - Exertis - Hamleys Installation - Image 4

As the space needed to be flexible in the long-term, we made sure it was adaptable and could easily house new fixtures and fittings as the products evolved. 

A terribly fun brief to deliver, the results are going from strength to strength with loads of crowd engagement and social sharing.