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We have a pretty phenomenal client relationship with BT and have worked on its Consumer conference for many years. Consumer Live is a full end-to-end delivery by us, which includes the logistics, registration, venue, comms, creative, event strategy, content production, technical production and on-site delivery managed and delivered by our teams (and breathe…). For the first time in over two years, this conference would be in-person, so we needed to make sure it came back with a bang.

We had to help build the story for one shared EE, BT and Plusnet future. This incorporated four main ‘chapters’ and key messages which were, ‘our pride and purpose, our current reality, our fundamental opportunity and the journey we must take.’ With this in mind, we also had to ensure people attending felt supported and excited; we needed to immerse them and create a personal experience, have a strong rallying cry and call to action that brought everyone together, to unite the entire team and celebrate the best of the best.

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We delivered a one-day event, with a Main Stage arena, 1,000-person breakout space, an experience-led, immersive exhibition and key partner integration. For the evening, 3,500 remained for a large-scale hybrid TV broadcast with audience participation, gameshows, live satellite link, surprise visits to stores and the CEO recognition awards.

Four social media influencers who work for BT created user-generated content in the lead up to the event and on the day to give additional insight into the topics discussed. This content was then used live on Workplace and post-event to help build on the legacy of Consumer Live.

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The technical production was class-leading. Including a 45-metre by 6-metre LED Main Stage, wrapping our 4,500 live audience in immersive content. As well as talks from the likes of CEO Marc Allera and the Senior Leadership team, actual customers were also involved, adding a level of authenticity and a personal touch. We also launched a new internal strategy, where all 24,000 Consumer colleagues became founders of the new strategy. We launched the campaign with hero colleagues taking their place and sharing their stories, creating a touching moment that resonated with our audience.

The Expo saw plenty of creativity and innovation on show. Split into areas covering brand experience, wellbeing, people, customer experience and gaming, there was a lot to explore. Marketplace areas allowed BT partners to showcase their fantastic products, and the crowd pleaser was a 4D brand experience transporting colleagues into the world of new EE - a very important part of the event.

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Smaller campfire sessions were run throughout the day on topics such as D&I, career development and allyship, where attendees were encouraged to create meaningful experiences and conversations. Once engaged with, they collected points on an RFID wristband. Those with the most points then won a variety of prizes.

The RFID wristbands were just one element in what became the most sustainable event we’ve ever delivered. The RFID wristbands and points also extended to partners, so they couldn’t entice delegates through freebies which would end up in landfill. This meant that partners had to ensure their message was strong and they had a story to tell. Single-use plastics were also banned from the event, and we re-used materials when it came to the actual build.

As evening arrived, we celebrated the people of BT. The infamous Rylan Clark, Emma Willis, and Divina de Campo hosted the Big Consumer Show Live, which included 10 awards, three entertainment sections, prizes to be won, and one Apple Music Act (rapper and YouTuber KSI). As well as event production, we created trophy artwork and ensured the Big Show could be watched by as many people as possible by providing a virtual streaming solution. More people watched the show than work for Consumer, which shows real colleague advocacy.

In addition to this remarkable achievement, the event received external recognition winning three awards including Gold in the Conference category at the Eventex Awards. This accolade further underscores the event's success in not only engaging BT's internal audience but also in capturing the attention and admiration of a wider audience, making it a truly standout celebration.

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