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Scania needed an overhaul of its primary internal comms channel to boost engagement and improve employee experience. Well known for its trucks and buses, this global manufacturer saw the need to bring together a disparate workforce – many of whom work in plants and factories with no access to company devices. Scania’s Global HQ in Sweden wanted to solve this challenge and to sort out the employee app, Staffbase, so that it was living up to its potential as a tool to bring people together.

Engagement needed to massively increase and Staffbase needed to be a staple in the daily routine of every employee. It was to be the go-to for all company interaction, so that distance didn’t limit interaction among team members. Our challenge was to make the user experience personalised and relevant to every team member, regardless of their role or location. We wanted to remove the pre-determined blueprint which resulted in a very vanilla experience, and inject real appeal and relevance for each localised market.

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Our process is always centred around research: getting at the marrow of what people actually need and then implementing the right solutions. Focus groups are a key part of this research and we ensured we covered all areas so that our recommendations were based on truths and not vanity. Another important benefit of this kind of research is that it actively engages team members from the start; they feel part of the decision-making process and company vision.

Our report provided Scania a clear map of what needed to be done to deliver on its aspirations. Key findings included a critical need for personalisation. The one-size-fits-all approach needed to be jettisoned and an app rich in individualised content was required. We also streamlined the flow of questions so that they were cascaded to the right people, eliminating past frustrations of delays and misinformation.

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We needed an expert on-site map design and structure that could support us to take what we had developed to the next level. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future, their expertise has been invaluable, and I plan to retain their services as we progress with our employee app journey.

Head of Corporate Communications (Marketing) at Scania GB

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