Arcus FM Data Management Platform

Arcus FM is a specialist facilities management provider that offers support services and solutions ranging from refrigeration to electrical, mechanical, lighting and more. Naturally, all that activity needs to be monitored in real-time. To make that process smoother, Arcus wanted to create a visual dashboard that would simplify the data and provide actionable insights.

We stepped up to the mark and worked closely with Arcus to develop a slick ‘Helix’ dashboard. Sorting and summarising huge amounts of data, while providing instant insight and helpful alerts, it was designed to improve efficiency and be accessible to everyone across the entire business. This is how we did it.

Case Study - Arcus Helix - Image 2
Case Study - Arcus Helix - Image 3

From the offset, it was clear this dashboard needed to draw on a lot of data. It needed to pull information from multiple sources, make it meaningful and be used by people across the business, in all sorts of locations, on all sorts of devices. To make sure we met every demand head on, our Digital team started with a proof-of-concept prototype.

After a few workshops and a round of user research, we added even more value to our model and began working jointly with Arcus’s data science provider, BSquare. We designed the final web-based dashboard, developing its infrastructure to be powered by React and using Three.js for the best real-time 3D visuals. Our motion graphics experts supported with smart 2D and 3D animation, and we tested the dashboard to within an inch of its life.

Case Study - Arcus Helix - Image 4

Then it was go time. On soft launch, the dashboard was met with plenty of praise and in the following weeks we made several updates, allowing for a larger number of simultaneous users and information feeds from up to 1,800 sites. It will always be moving forward, but for now, the Helix dashboard is doing exactly what it set out to. It’s gaining momentum too, and was even featured at a Microsoft event in North America where it was well received by delegates.

What did Arcus have to say about it all? Well, the organisation couldn’t have been happier.

“The Helix platform is market leading for an FM company and will improve the way we operate. It will give instant selectable access and a fully relevant user experience whether you’re in the field, in an office environment or presenting to colleagues and clients. This is what will set this apart from other remote operating and monitoring platforms.”

Case Study - Arcus Helix - Image 8