Mira Showers PHEX Manchester Exhibition Stand

Cheltenham-based plumbing company, Mira Showers, was after eye-catching content for an exhibition stand. As the exhibition was running over 14 days, Mira wanted the content to be different each day to keep people engaged. With budget in mind, however, 14 unique videos was off the table. 

HubSpot Video

This was no issue, as our Live Graphics team created a stunning presentation filled with eye-catching visuals and information. This presentation wasn’t simply static, either. The solution was enhanced with Adobe After Effects so that visual elements, such as the shower water and key components of the products, appeared to move. Not only would this capture the attention of passing delegates, it helped emphasise the educational aspect of the stand and provide another level of sophistication to the stand as a whole. 

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Upon completing the design, we delivered the solution with simple instructions for exporting the presentation into a video format to use each day. This was how Mira could change the content to suit the goals of the day and draw in droves of intrigued new customers. 

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