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Bosch has been bringing innovation to technology across everything from power tools to practically any home appliance you can imagine for years. We’ve worked with them for a long time too, helping the business find new ways to reach its large and varied audience with creative comms that have won us a fair few awards. Recently, it came back to us with visions of a virtual environment where new products could be showcased for both B2B and B2C markets. We took that vision and ran with it. 

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Using the latest scanning technologies and clever design, we built a fully immersive 3D world. There, customers could get to grips with products as if in real life, selecting power tools off a work bench, or accessories in a bold display and learning more in each interactive hotspot. They could even see those products put to use in real-life situations, giving customers a really relatable experience and salespeople an incredibly effective tool. 

The whole experience was designed and modelled by us – we’re fantastic at that stuff – and we built GIFs into the world too so Bosch could showcase products in impactful, and easily sharable, ways. There’s more to the experience than we have space to explore here but, basically, it gave the Bosch team somewhere to direct potential customers that was completely different to what anyone else was offering. It was designed to show their product at its very best and bring customers into the heart of The Bosch Group, into the world Bosch offers with every purchase. 

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People loved it. The virtual world was viewed by 5,500+ users with 6,600+ sessions taking place in just the first two months. Best of all, of those users, 88% were brand-new to Bosch, and 1,144 entered the virtual world in the first seven days of the launch. In total, the virtual world received 15,000+ page views in the first two months alone, and that figure’s only continued to grow. The possibilities from here are practically endless… 

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