Jaguar Land Rover C-Type Visualiser

As the classic Jaguar C-Type turned 70, we helped the business celebrate in style with a breath-taking digital tool that would build a legacy, prompt social activity and generate plenty of fresh enquiries. Jaguar Classic came to us with ambitions of showcasing the C-Type in an interactive experience designed to delight both customers and media. We took that idea and ran with it.

Out of the box thinking was essential. The product was bespoke, and creativity was key to shareability, but the details were incredibly important too. We needed a way to show customers the exact sizing, colour and accessories they would receive on their C-Type, while delivering the seamless user experience you’d expect from such a premium brand and a high-ticket, desirable product.

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The answer was a 3D visualiser, where customers could customise their C-Type down to the tiniest detail, just as they might have done in a Jaguar showroom pre-pandemic. With such high-end products on offer, and a discerning customer base, getting the platform looking its best was hugely important. Our team did their research and built six different versions of the platform. The client then selected the design, look and feel that suited its audience best – something slick and refined.

We're perfectionists, so we made sure to get every element right where we wanted it. We ensured colours were 100% accurate, so there would be no nasty surprises down the line, and we also built in recommendation tools to echo that experience of talking to one of the Sales team. We made it easy to make an enquiry, make a purchase or keep customising, and we finished the whole build in just under three months.

Case Study - JLR Visualiser - Image 2
Case Study - JLR Visualiser - Image 3

In the first week of launch alone, the platform generated 180,000 social hits. More importantly, it generated over 200 leads, 90 of which were confirmed purchases. Not only did the team take hundreds of leads, but because of the exposure the re-released C-Type received, the Special Divisions team received more enquiries on other bespoke vehicles. After the initial launch of the campaign, JLR had sold every unit up for sale.

In fact, the team loved it so much they went on to commission further visualisers for other models.

Now, that’s what we call a success!