Premier Papers Exhibition Stand

Premier Paper was looking to launch some of the latest products within its Display Graphics Division by exhibiting at the Sign and Digital UK Expo. It was our job to produce a standout installation that showcased both the products and variety of work produced by Premier Paper to the fullest and encourage interaction with the products from visitors.

We made that happen. Playing on the client’s name, we designed a movie-themed stand for the expo, setting it up as ‘Premier’s Premiere’ as a way to make a splash, stand out from the crowd and provide a fully immersive experience to visitors, where they could enjoy cinema paraphernalia and memorabilia, all with the look and feel of a movie premiere.

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As well as promoting their evolving portfolio of products, Premier Paper wanted to use the event to capture data and generate new sales leads. To make this happen we created a digital solution to capture the live data of attendees that Premier Paper could then use post-event to follow up with leads and generate future sales.

During the three-day exhibition, visitors enjoyed different experiential installations. This included live actors playing movie stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, Darth Vader and Captain Jack Sparrow. There were also concession stands selling popcorn, movie posters and Instagrammable moments with movie props for exhibitors to interact with - all showcasing the different products in the Premier Paper range.

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Bringing together many complex elements, the production process was all-inclusive and resulted in a fully immersive experience for delegates from the moment they entered on the red carpet, to leaving through the cinema-esque doors. The stand was eye-catching, fun and engaging, meaning that delegates were not only initially attracted to it, but also stayed for significant periods of time, increasing data capture opportunities.

A key moment of this partnership included using only Premier Paper’s materials to create the stand, and it was a true reflection and statement of the diverse range of products available. Our Print team worked closely with the company to showcase this product diversity, producing a giant 3D shark coming out of the ground and one suspended from the ceiling, movie posters that visitors could flick through and entrance doorways adding to the visual experience of a movie premiere.

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Lots of buzz was created around Premier Paper thanks to this eye-catching display, so to increase the longevity of this, our Video team captured footage for future campaign use post-event. The video has now been shared across social media and on Premier Paper’s website as well as in its email campaigns. DRPG’s Motion Graphics team made mini movie-themed animations to promote the event on social media. These were extremely well received and shared widely across Premier Paper’s social platforms.

Premier Paper stood out from the crowd. The captivating and engaging creative generated high footfall and drew in new and existing customers intrigued by all being offered. The stand led directly to 240 new business leads captured on the day by the digital solution and various post-event press opportunities with coverage in publications including a feature interview in Exhibition News.

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As well as the initial results, the stand has also provided Premier Paper with marketing collateral and a strong comms theme to be utilised and built on throughout future promotions and has ensured a long-term relationship between DRPG and Premier Paper, with a launch event already booked in for later in the year.

DRPG interpreted the brief perfectly and gave us a solution that achieved all our objectives – the project has been enjoyable, inspirational and surprisingly stress-free.”

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