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We've launched our 3rd whitepaper The Value of Broadcast Communications

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14 April 2020

The challenging times we are facing have affected businesses in a multitude of ways, shutting off methods of communication that have previously formed an integral part of business strategies and been relied on as a way of engaging with our audiences, both internal and external.

With live events on hold for an undisclosed period of time, many brands and businesses have been forced to change their strategies and deploy virtual solutions to support and replace their usual live communication channels.

In answer to these challenges, we have launched our latest whitepaper: The Value of Broadcast Communications, exploring the readiness of broadcast as a medium to support communication professionals during a time of crisis. It will address the immediate need of practitioners to use broadcast as an alternative to live interactions while vast swathes of the UK workforce are required to work from home.

Researched and written by our head of insight and innovation Callum Gill, the whitepaper demonstrates that any apprehension around broadcast as a medium is misplaced. As Gill says, “In 2020, video broadcasting is the planet’s go to communication and entertainment medium ready to be implemented seamlessly into any business’ communications strategy. The trouble begins when people see it as a replacement or substitution, and not the fully developed and familiar channel it is. Robust and reliable technology has been available for years and now that it has become business critical to utilise it, we have overcome the greatest barrier to creating communications broadcast strategies for all businesses.”

“This whitepaper comes at a time when brands around the world are being forced to adapt quickly, looking outside their comfort zones for new methods of interacting with their audiences both internal and external. The research laid out in this document should go some way to allaying fears around this medium and helping businesses to see the value in embracing the virtual.”

Gill uses in-depth research and industry experience to debunk and demystify the misconceptions around the technology, audiences and barriers that have previously stymied the widespread implementation of virtual events.

The whitepaper was launched during the weekly thought leadership broadcast DRPG bitesize talks that explore the issues being faced by businesses in the current climate. The broadcasts, which go out every Thursday at 3pm, share insight, advice and best practice for anyone facing the repercussions of the current Covid-19 crisis.

CLICK HERE to download the whitepaper.