Haleon B-Roll Photography

Haleon - a world-leading company focused on everyday health. With leading brands built on science, innovation and human understanding it has made its mark by being a trusty companion to millions across the globe. 

After Haleon de-merged from GSK, it was reborn as an innovative consumer health business. With this new era on the horizon, Haleon was in the early stages of building awareness and upping recognition out in the markets. As part of its external communications approach, it needed a super strong bank of visual assets to help strengthen its exciting global corporate story. 

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That’s where we came in. With cameras at the ready, our team shot some class-A B-roll footage and photography in two locations. The first being over in Richmond, Virginia USA at its Research and Insight Lab and there other right here in the UK at the Haleon London office.

Over at the R&I lab in Richmond, Virginia we zeroed in on real Haleon scientists during their day-to-day jobs, capturing B-roll footage of the lab equipment and scientists in action. It took a village to create such iconic shots, including an art director, creative director and camera and photography specialists.  

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Over in the UK, our team got to work capturing six models selecting and using Haleon products for all sorts of scenarios to create plenty of handy collateral. This included mockup scenes like the supermarket, pharmacy, living room, kitchen and bathroom to showcase the products used in everyday life.

To ensure consistency, the same core team was used for both shoots. The team ensured smooth planning across elements, model selection and liaison, art and creative direction throughout. As you can see, it all came out looking pretty swanky, and it’s certainly done its job grabbing attention. 

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