UKHO Educational Films

UKHO approached us to pitch for a series of informative films about the S-100 data standards used in all kinds of maritime activity. The S-100 standards themselves are a universally recognised source of hydrographic-related data sources that cover a variety of things such as navigational charts, bathymetry and marine protection.

The brief was to create a hyper-realistic scenario where we could place each data standard in a real-world location to show it in action. This was a particular challenge as the data standards covered such a broad range of subject matter at hugely differing scales. The other challenge was taking the often heavily numerical raw data and turning it into something visually interesting and easily absorbed in the short time on screen.

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Using open source geospatial data harvested from satellites, we were able to piece together a location around the Solent, and build some realistic terrain geometry and create the world for our story to play out in.

From here we added in the various standards using models, custom geometry and visual effects and used sweeping camera animations to flow from one standard to the next. The outcome was a highly engaging piece that takes the viewer on a journey that really shows the importance and the impact of data in all maritime activities.

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