We’ve been leading the way for the last 15 years…

Involving our team, clients, suppliers, and our wider community creates positive outcomes for everyone.

We were the first global agency to gain the international standards ISO14001 and ISO20121 which sit next to our most significant accolade to date, the 2022 Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development.

As well as working our way towards being an accredited B-Corp organisation, the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit remains at the very top of our business agenda.


We’re answering the call for action

To us, is about much more than reducing our caron footprint. That’s why our CSR Charter is directly aligned with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals

This has become a natural way of life for the DRPG team who, through their positive commitments and clear objectives, make sustainability in all its form a real and vital aspect of our work across the group.

CSR Charter

Sustainability is much more than just the environment

We look at sustainability as an all-encompassing umbrella over our entire business, focusing on the triple bottom line. All too often sustainability is seen as just an environmental concern, but when we take the triple bottom line approach, sustainability becomes everything. This methodology runs through the whole business and every decision we make. It pushes us to consider not just planet, but people and profit too. In the end, that helps us to take a more balanced view and ensures we take a practical and tangible approach to delivering a sustainable future for everyone.

This isn’t a tick box exercise

Here, we’re genuinely passionate about building a more sustainable business. We’ve been that way since the beginning, but in the past 15 years, we’ve got more serious about making a real impact on our planet, and a real difference to our community.

To ensure our progress continues at pace, and everyone we interact with can see the changes we’re making, we’re completely transparent. Plus, we make sure our actions are tangible and measurable. That way, we know when we’ve hit important milestones. Today, we can celebrate the fact we’ve achieved zero waste to landfill, the eradication of single-use plastics in our buildings and 100% renewable energy for our HQ.

Small actions can make a big difference

We encourage all our people to make a difference where they can and in the areas they know better than anyone else. By breaking down our big objectives into manageable changes to the everyday, our people have already tackled wastage and shared resources with our communities.

They continue to make small changes that make a big difference every single day.

Tree Tops

At DRPG, we’re proud to have ingrained sustainability in everything we do since the very beginning. Back then we didn’t consider why; it just seemed the right thing to do. Now, we’ve got a plan to enact real change.

Dale Parmenter

Growing our community

Over the years, we have supported hundreds of diverse causes and community projects close to our hearts and continue to find fresh ways to give back to our community.

Here, we motivate teams to meaningfully contribute to causes that matter, with fundraising, volunteering, in-kind giving and exciting charity projects being a regular feature of life at DRPG.

We're driving change together

Our purpose is to drive positive change and create a sustainable future for our clients, colleagues and community.

At DRPG, we aim to make a positive difference to everyone who connects with us. Whether that means making a live event kinder to the planet, using our incredible creativity to create experiences that inspire real change, or giving back to our community in the process, we’re always driving forward. Sustainability, in every form, is written into the purpose at the heart of our business. And we meet our purpose every single day through creating and delivering imaginative, innovative and amazing experiences.

Building a better future together

We know our clients are passionate about sustainability, so we take every opportunity to help them meet their own goals and align all actions with their own sustainability policies.

That’s why every project we work on begins with a Sustainability Action Plan. Whether a digital project, campaign or a sales conference, exhibition or gala event, we ensure their message is clear, they meet sustainability targets and set goals to do even better next time.

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