Employee Engagement Campaigns

Employee Engament

Engaged employees get the very best results.

We’ll put all our best campaign strategies into play to target the internal audience that matters most: your people. 

It’s easy to think of a campaign as something that’s always outward facing, driving at new customers and increased sales. But when you turn the same approach inwards, you’ll see more engaged employees. ‘Why is that important?’, you might ask. Because engaged employees push your business forward. When people really care about their work, about their colleagues, about a business they feel supports them, they’ll give their all and promote your brand whenever they get a chance. You couldn’t ask for more.

We’ll help you get there with clear, memorable employee engagement campaigns that make your people feel valued and eager to make a positive contribution to your brand. It’s not all about just getting your message to your people though – this isn’t the time to think like a corporate. Instead, we think like your people to create a campaign that meets them where they are, and with content they’ll be excited to dive straight into.

Whether you want to get your people interested in company updates, working towards your CSR goals, giving feedback or connecting with each other after so much time apart, our savvy Comms team will craft a campaign that hits home. We’ll find the right channels, whether your message is best shared across social media like Yammer and Workplace, your own intranet or those as yet unopened internal emails. We’ll build the right content, including everything from compelling copy to bold graphics, bespoke films, anything you can imagine. And we’ll develop the right strategy to make sure your message gets heard and your people take action. Not in a few weeks or months, or at some undefined time down the line, but as soon as we launch your awesome campaign.

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