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We've launched our 4th whitepaper Trust in Communications

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16 October 2020

DPRG recently launched its fourth whitepaper, ‘Trust in Communications: The impact of crisis on the approach to communications and audience belief’.


Due to current issues such as political instability, decreased media integrity and a shift in societal priorities towards social justice, the past few years have seen a decrease of trust in institutions. The challenging times we are facing have affected businesses in a multitude of ways and trust in institutions has taken a beating, with concepts like brand purpose becoming more integral to an organisation’s ability to remain impactful and trustworthy.


Researched and written by our head of Insight and Innovation, Callum Gill, the whitepaper explores how the crisis impacts communication perception, how organisations have undertaken positive digital transformation programmes and the importance of consumer trust in comms.


Callum notes that "Ultimately, if we are honest with ourselves, it shouldn’t have required a global crisis for organisations to be more truthful, more engaging and more innovative with audiences.

But now that we are here, we must capitalise on the trust hard won and not slip back into pre-pandemic patterns. When we deliver what can only be described as wholesale improvements to our approaches and content, as has been demonstrated here, we set new audience expectations.

To move back to our pre-pandemic ways of working would not simply dial back the trust we have won by the same margins we gained, it would be far more detrimental and have a lasting impact as our audiences understand what’s possible and have seen a better way”.


The whitepaper was launched during our annual thought leadership event, DRPGBIGtalk, that provides industry professionals with insights on key topics, helping the industry to grow and ensuring our clients advance in their various fields of expertise.


Read our latest whitepaper here.Trust in Communications - Ft image_72