You may have seen our blogs and social activity around diversity and inclusion. We’ve touched on what diversity and inclusion is, what the difference between diversity and inclusion is, and how to change diversity in your workplace for the better. We know that diversity plus inclusion equals equality, the equation upon which all organisations should be basing their D&I strategies.

Information is power and that’s why we are delving even deeper into the topic with our short questionnaire. We want to hear your thoughts and get your feedback on D&I, what it means to you and your organisation’s approach to a D&I strategy.

This short, seven question, yes/ no questionnaire will give us some fantastic insight into the perception of D&I at a corporate level and help us to create a useful, data driven report that we can send out to you to help drive D&I in your organisation and arm you with the info you need to incite change.

The survey is totally anonymous and no personal info will be recorded or used as part of our research.

Follow this link to complete the survey:Have your say

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