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New report: The changing face of reward

Written by Admin

23 April 2021

After a period of research, our reward specialists at Penguins and DRPG’s Research and Insights team have created a report on the current concepts of workplace reward and recognition programmes, looking at why reward and recognition programmes are vital to post-pandemic workplaces.

This report includes findings from a selection of focus groups conducted in Q1 2021, including several of our contacts, with responses coming from a range of professionals across an extremely healthy split of industries and focuses. We explored their responses to our enquiries about workplace reward and recognition, its personal impact on them, the impact on their organisations and the views they have on how it will develop in the future.

The report explores the origins of rewards and their evolution from sales specific rewards to much broader strategies and assesses the impact on reward and recognition of the ongoing pandemic, before evaluating the rapid changes that the pandemic has forced upon many reward programmes.

The report also looks at:

- some of the current disconnects and failings surrounding reward strategy and why this is happening.

- the concept of measurement and differing applications of reward and recognition, demonstrating why these may not be delivered correctly now and how they might be improved, both during pandemic restrictions and when we return to a ‘new normal’.

So if you want to find out more about the report, download the full version HERE or check out some of our blogs around the topic of reward and recognition, the benefits, how it has changed and how to do it well.