23 April 2020

In need of a Masterclass in Communications?

Businesses that embrace communication through a downturn are 3x more likely to not only survive, but grow and thrive. – Dale Parmenter 

In times of uncertainty, we need good communications and we need to share insights and knowledge to help each other. For these reasons, we have recently released our Communications Masterclass, a series of five-minute films brought to you by experts from across DRPG  to provide businesses tips and tools to maximise the power of communication during times of crisis and disruption. 

Four of our in-house communications experts, as well as our highly experienced CEO Dale Parmenter, have created five thought leadership videos to help internal communications, senior leadership, or marketing teams to continue to communicate effectively during times of crisis. Our masterclass sessions include: 

Callum Gill, Head of Insight & Innovation: The tech that brings us together 

Tommy Moore, Strategy Director: Listening matters 

Sarah Lyddy, Head of Campaign: Keeping your tribe engaged 

Ryan Phillips, Creative Director: A picture is worth a thousand words 

Dale Parmenter, CEO: Leading from the front 

The experts got together (virtually of course!) in our latest DRPG bitesize talks broadcast to delve into the challenges that businesses are currently facing and discuss some of the ways that communicators can help lead the way through this crisis and help businesses not only survive, but flourish. Check it out here. 

DRPG_MASTERCLASS_SOCIAL 30sec_Callum Gill_The Tech_V2-1


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