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DRPG: Through the challenges came innovation – the 00s

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6 December 2018

After a hugely successful decade in the 90s that proved influential in the building of the DRPG we see today, the millennium brought further success, change and opportunities to the team and the company, as well as many challenges. We continued to develop our different sectors and services with a dedicated creative division launched to look after our clients' creative needs. 
Video shoot00sA new vision and a bright future for the business promised a successful decade ahead, but with the atrocities of 11th September 2001 came one of the biggest challenges we faced to date. Drpgroup, as we were, lost 60% of our business almost overnight. The whole team became part of a survival plan, adopting new efficiencies and aggressively looking for new markets and clients. 

By January 2002, the company was on its knees, with discussions about receivership in full flow. A total restructuring of administration and accounts functions was undertaken to streamline the operation and increase efficiencies. Our team pulled together however, and through strength of resolve and hard work, avoided making a single redundancy, bouncing back as the year ended.  

The next five years saw an aggressive recovery plan put into action as production levels returned to normal and growth resumed. Huge investments into training and development saw us achieving the coveted Investors in People Award, an accolade still held today. 

Our 25th anniversary celebrations kicked-off, this time with the creative force of the company's brand-new divisions behind it. Our new structure included drpvideo, drpevents and drpprojectmanagement. Thevenuepot and drpprint were also launched in 2005. Celebrations were held in June while the group launched a new PR strategy, focused on winning industry awards to cement its standing in the marketplace. The new look corporate identity was launched in 2005 with a promise that would become the beating heart of the business, anything's possible.  
Event00sThe latter part of the decade saw huge investment in tech and equipment which meant more facilities were brought in-house, streamlining the experience and cost for clients. Just as the worst recession since the great depression of the 1930's took hold in 2008, the bold decision was made to triple our marketing spend and invest heavily in new staff and facilities. This recession-beating strategy ensured the group continued to win new business while other firms cut back. This year also saw the opening of our London facilities in Covent Garden.  

A challenging decade demonstrated the company’s resilience, willingness to innovate and readiness to adapt and put them on track for what would be an exciting decade ahead…