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DRPG pledges support to gender diversity initiative Tech Talent Charter

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22 April 2020

While women make up almost half the UK workforce (49%), the tech industry boasts only 19% female workers, with only 22% of workers in director level or above identifying as female according to a Tech Nation report. The industry is notorious for its gender disparity, but initiatives such as the Tech Talent Charter are fighting to combat this imbalance. The government-supported initiative encourages organisations to work actively to effect meaningful change and accelerate the diversity and inclusion agenda across UK tech. 

The Tech Talent Charter requires signatories to make a number of pledges, including supporting inclusive recruitment and retention practices; measuring and benchmarking the diversity profile of their workforce; and working collectively with other signatories to develop, share and implement policies which encourage diversity in the tech workplace. 

We have pledged our support to the tech diversity drive, the latest in a list of digitally focussed CSR initiatives we take part in, with the overarching aim of positively progressing the industry and educating those within its community. 

On joining the movement, Gemma Oldfield, head of digital project management said, “At a time when digital is more important than ever, we are seeing a huge spike in virtual solutions and an urgent need for the quick implementation of robust, reliable tech solutions across the UK. Addressing the diversity gap in the industry is more vital than ever, this is an issue we take seriously at DRPG and it is fantastic to lend our support to a great cause who are actively making changes in our industry. Aside from the obvious moral obligations, a more diverse and gender equal industry makes for better served clients, and as a global agency, we are committed to providing the best service we can for all our customers. 

We are extremely proud to add our name to the Tech Talent Charter, an initiative that aligns with our own values and vision. We are committed to seeing the tech industry become a more equal, diversified sector and look forward to working with other organisations to achieve this goal.” 

Tech Talent Charter chief executive Debbie Forster said: “Each company that becomes a signatory helps us continue to build our ‘open playbook’ of best practice, sourced from and driven by our members’ personal experiences in recruitment, retraining and retention of women in tech. 

The importance of diversity is, thankfully, no longer up for debate. The industry now needs to work together to shift the dial – and this will happen a lot quicker if we pool our successes, failures, ideas and learn from them to bring about real structural change in tech businesses and beyond. 

We’re working to ensure women play a significant role in the growing UK tech industry by moving away from simply talking about the issue of a lack of women in tech, to implementing positive action fuelled by businesses coming together, sharing best practice and learning from each other.” 

To learn more about the Tech Talent Charter click here.