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DRPG passes sustainability audit with flying colours

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7 September 2020

In early 2020, the DRPG Group Services team made the decision to refresh the existing sustainability management system. Just six months later, an external ISO certification auditor reviewed the sustainability management system against the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 20121, which we passed with flying colours! This is a great collaborative team effort and a fantastic achievement during our Sustainability Month.

The brand-new management system was spearheaded by Andrew Davies, the new Integrity Manager; as well as being a new system, it was also placed on the Hub (DRPG’s internal resource platform) to allow for company-wide visibility of all documents in system.

The purpose of the audit is to check that, as a business, we are fulfilling the requirements of the standards. It also holds us accountable to the government demands. The external auditors look into all areas of sustainability, from CSR activations and how we do them, to project sustainability and how we manage that. They also ensure we’re doing internal audits and management reviews and that our systems are effective at managing sustainability and our environmental impact.

On the success of DRPG’s Sustainability Month, Andrew commented: “Our work to achieve these results is a team effort.

“We have a sustainability team that are constantly working together to make a positive impact from a sustainability point of view.

“It is great to be involved in a company that has CSR and sustainability at its heart, from the CSR Charter and drive for DRPG to be carbon-neutral, to the enthusiasm of the Sustainability team to reduce our impact on the environment.

“Then there is the amazing work of our team members undertaking CSR team initiatives that benefit society.

“The recent positive result from an audit by external auditors is testament to the drive, passion and hard work put in by the team.  

“I am very proud to be a part of DRPG and the team leading the charge to ensure our CSR Charter and its principles has a positive effect. The Charter is helping us to lead the industry in sustainable development, crafting innovative sustainable ideas for our clients, reducing our impact on the environment and protecting our business.”