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DRPG earns B Corp Certification for its continued focus on sustainability

Written by Alex Cottom

19 October 2023

We have officially received B Corp Certification™ thanks to our continued commitment to sustainability.

The B Corp Certification is an internationally acknowledged designation given to businesses that uphold rigorous social and environmental performance, responsibility, and openness criteria. More than 7,000 companies of varying sizes, across diverse industries and from various nations, have successfully attained B Corp Certification.

Group CEO Dale Parmenter said, “Receiving B Corp Certification holds immense significance for our entire team. We've embarked on an extraordinary sustainability journey spanning more than 15 years, amassing numerous accolades and certifications for our commitment. Therefore, being honoured with B Corp feels like the crowning achievement.”

“Claiming to prioritise sustainability is one aspect, but gaining official recognition is an entirely different matter. This certification is one of the most well-regarded levels of commitment when it comes to every aspect of sustainability, and that’s precisely why it holds such profound importance for us at DRPG.”

We have released a B Corp special edition of our sustainability charter to mark the occasion. The charter showcases the evidence collated from across the past 18 months to acquire the accreditation and how the efforts across our longer-term sustainability strategy have led to this moment. CEO, Dale Parmenter will be delivering a keynote session at Event Sustainability Live at the ExCel on Wednesday 15th November 2023 where he’ll be covering what should be measured, analysing the supply chain in events, due diligence throughout the events process, how to go about tracking carbon emissions and how to ‘keep things simple’.

In terms of how sustainability should be thought of industry and company-wide, Dale continued, “Forging a sustainable future doesn't have to be a convoluted process, yet we often find ourselves entangled in intricate procedures, systems, and governance that lack substantial impact. Rather than overcomplicating matters, let's embrace a straightforward approach and assess success through the triple bottom line. Companies should aim to establish a holistic strategy that addresses environmental challenges, champions fairness for all, and acknowledges that pursuing profitability isn't inherently detrimental.”

“I want to take this moment to give a huge thank you to not only all the team members at DRPG for living up to our mantra of ‘anything’s possible,’ but also Syntiro Associates. Sam Wilson and the team have been our sustainability partners for the past 15 years, and have helped shape our path by supporting, creating, and embedding new practices. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

We have started to use the term ‘Messy Middle’ which encapsulates the gap between its current position and the achievement of its future climate-related objectives. Our Head of Sustainability and Integrity Andrew Davies said, “Balancing our social, environmental, and economic impact invariably involves trade-offs, and it's important to recognise that there's no flawless solution that perfectly satisfies all three dimensions simultaneously. Nonetheless, our commitment remains unwavering as we strive to work towards the Best Overall Sustainable Solution (Boss) while remaining true to our core values.”

To find out more about our sustainability journey, click below to read our most recent Charter.