Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games - Stoltman Brothers Video Series

The Commonwealth Games (CWG) were due to arrive in Birmingham, and to mark one month until the Games began, we were asked to get creative on social media. The CWG teams wanted to build a buzz around the Games with fast and memorable content that would bring new audiences in, get people excited for what was to come and drive ticket sales.

With the Stoltmans, the world’s strongest brothers, already secured, we were left with a challenge. What to do with them? Our Creative team donned their thinking caps and came up with something quite brilliant: we’d challenge the brothers to try out a whole host of sports set to arrive in Birmingham. They’re incredible weightlifters, but how would they fare with diving? What about judo? Or even rhythmic gymnastics?

HubSpot Video

Once we had the big idea locked in, we worked closely with the Commonwealth Games team to source athletes, locations and very large cricket helmets. Then we made a full schedule for two jam-packed shoot days where we gathered heaps of laugh-out-loud content. We knew we couldn’t use every second – no one watches 15-minute episodes on social media - so it was up to our Editing team to cut together six punchy episodes (they did).

Our Edit and Motion Graphics teams collaborated to elevate the social content, creating something really tight and engaging from an incredibly broad brief. The videos were super-slick, and paired with a enticing trailer requested at the very last minute, they were a massive hit across social media.

Case Study - CWG - Stoltman Brothers - Image 6

Our films, and the incredible Stoltman brothers, were featured by the BBC, LADBible and Men’s Health, all generating fresh press for the upcoming Commonwealth Games. The videos were watched 155,000 times, with well over 5,000 engagements, and that’s just on the CWG’s channels!

The videos were shared all over the place – we made them shareable for a reason – so we know reach was much, much wider and every response we’ve had has been overwhelmingly positive. They really worked for the CWG team as the films created a positive buzz around the Games, showcased some up-and-coming talent and got people invested in the sports that would come to Birmingham a few weeks later. Go take a look for yourself, they’re an instant mood-booster too.

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