Salesforce AR Animation

The biggest event in the Salesforce calendar is Dreamforce, and this year it brought 30,000 people together in San Francisco. The team at Salesforce weren’t aiming for your average company meeting though. They wanted something that reflected their future-focused approach to tech. They wanted to bring a bit of life to the room. Most of all, they wanted something that would elicit endless ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and get their people beyond excited. DRPG-owned screen content agency A-Vision came up with the cutest solution: a rabbit called Genie. 

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Genie was to become a host alongside Salesforce’s top execs, so it needed to blend seamlessly into existing content, appearing on stage and reacting to live prompts in a way that felt as natural as possible. The animated character flew across four enormous wrap around screens, then landed on stage with the main presenter without interruption. 

It was an incredible sight, and it was all made possible thanks to our incredible animators and motion graphics experts behind the scenes and even on the ground in San Francisco. Heaps of complex stuff went into its creation and delivery, but we’re sure you don’t really care about that. What’s really special was the feeling it created in that room – it was an experience that Salesforce will be talking about for years to come.

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