West Midlands Growth Company Promotional Film

With a bold vision to build a region of choice that attracts investment and grows the economy through partnership across all sectors, West Midlands Growth Company was after a flashy new promotional film. 

This eye-catching film needed to highlight Birmingham and the West Midlands’ credentials as a world-class destination for hosting meetings and events. Viewers needed to get a tantalising taste of the region’s culture, vast selections of venues, accommodation, accessibility, unique selling points and why it’s the best destination for hosting such gatherings. 

Not only did WMGC want the film to help build and expand businesses in the region, attract regional investment and encourage tourism in the West Midlands, it also wanted to educate business intermediaries on the region’s physical attributes (infrastructure, accessibility, skills) and softer attributes (diversity, warmth), as its biggest barrier is lack of knowledge.  

Perceptions are largely driven by people’s knowledge of Birmingham with less known about what the other West Midlands areas have to offer. The film we produced had to factor in all those impressive elements, breaking down barriers and educating the audience with a touch of pizzazz. 

Shot of the West Midlands from the WMGC Film
Shot of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony from the WMGC Film

With that in mind, WMGC wanted more than 30 different locations in the spotlight; it needed to be visual in nature to showcase what the West Midlands region had to offer but we wanted to avoid a succession of general view shots.  

The challenge here was to mix footage DRPG had captured the year before, footage provided by the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and footage we would film specifically for this project in one flowing edit. 

Shot from the WMGC Promotional Film
Case Study - WMGC Promotional Film - Image 7
Shot from the WMGC Promotional Film
Shot from the WMGC Promotional Film

We put on our stylish thinking caps and rustled up the brilliant idea to mix a charismatic voice from the West Midlands with friendly local faces addressing the audience to camera, whom we would meet along the way. We wanted the viewers to feel welcomed into these amazing spaces and venues, so mixing these with welcoming faces helped the viewer in experiencing what it would feel like on their visit.  

Our trusty film Director, Director of Photography, and Editor worked in harmony to plan the camera movement and transition from one place to another, and our film team used a wide range of top-notch techniques to capture the very best of the region. 

Behind The Scenes Image of the WMGC Promotional Film
Behind The Scenes Image of the WMGC Promotional Film

Pretty cool, right? The West Midlands Growth Company thought so too, and were blown away with the final output! The film wowed a crowd of prospective clients and helped see a considerable increase in bringing more meetings and events industries to the region.  

In fact, it helped confirm seven major conference events, with a pipeline of an additional 37 business event prospects – six of those currently at bidding stage with potential total delegates of 20,700 and an economic value of a whopping £41m!